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    Dimitra Pavlakou


    Dimitra Pavlakou

    Pages: 64, Price  €7.00

    ISBN: 978-960-615-2306
    Armos Publications

    This is an excellent collection of ecologically and politically oriented poems for multiple readings. The speech is simple, laconic and the meanings are dense. The themes that prevail are on the one hand the great love and vigilance for the people (the “hunted”, the “dedicated”, the “tearful”), the environment, the homeland, life, and on the other the critical attitude towards in the arrogance of power, the rage for violence and fascism.

    As the poet and critic Giannis Plachouris wrote in “Dimitra Pavlakou years now, with her characteristic writing, proves the reason that all words mean in the hands of a good craftsman and that all emotions can not only fit in a word but also to have a different interpretation for each of us, achieving the enchanting path of multiple reading, which only good poetry offers. ”



    I hear crying

    of the people

    The wolves are far away

    nor crying

    nor will their torment come

    in the ears of the sleepy city

    And you who think

    that you are better


    Dimitra Pavlakou was born in Athens in 1955. She has a degree in Political Science (Panteion University) and Pedagogy from PAT ES (SELETE). She continued her studies in Strasbourg, France. She holds a DEA in Psychology and Pedagogy from Louis-Pasteur University and a Doctorat d΄Universite from the University of Humanities. During her studies in Strasbourg she worked as a printer at the printing house of the Council of Europe and as an animatrice at a youth and sports center.

    Also as a consultant in psychosocial structures and a psychoanalyst. She published as an editor and critic in newspapers and magazines (Proini Eleftherotypia, Proti, Ethnos, Epikaira, Avgi, etc.). She taught Law 407/80 in the pedagogical departments of the Aristotle University (Florina) and the Democritus University (Alexandroupolis) “Sociology of Education” and “Psychoanalysis and Education”. Collaborated in the production of documentaries on nature and animal rights. She is a member of animal welfare associations and organizations for the protection of nature and an activist. She works in secondary education and directs the 2nd High School of Ag. Friday.


    Poetry: “A box with matches” (published by Grammata, 1977), “In-Usa-On” (editions Ceres, 1979), “Due to irreparable damage” (published by Roi 1981), “Stagnant waters” (published by Gnosi , 1987), “On thymic atony” (published by Capricorn, 1988), “The crypt with the wings” (published by Herodotus, 1989), “The eyes of the dog” (published by Nafsika, 1992), “Vulpes Vulpes” (published by Tramakia, 1995), “The wish of Lychnikos” (published by Parousia, 1998), “Allowance of Desolation” (published by Armos, 2000), “Transitional Verbs” (published by Armos, 2004), “Synaxari” ( Armos, 2008), “Xenos kai Parepidimos” (Armos, 2010), “Light as a robe” (Armos, 2011), “Sequence of hours” (Armos, 2013), “The three east “(Published by Armos, 2014),” Synodical “(published by Armos, 2016),” The Ninth Hour “(published by Armos, 2020).



    «Ethosociologie de legality de specs: Hierarchy and the role of femelles in a common control. Le cas de la montagne des singes »(Alsace, 1984),« La psychopathologic du pouvoir »(Strasbourg, 1986),« L’evolution de la condition feminine en Grece »(Strasbourg, 1985),«

    The image of her mirror

    – Approaching the social position of women in Greece “(published by Risos, 1991),” Man and the Natural Environment “(published by Delfini, 1997),” Texts for Poetry “(published by Typothito / Dardanos, 2009).

    Translations: “Narcissism” by Pierre Dessuant (published by Hatzinikoli, 1996), “The maladapted children” by Roger Perron (published by Hatzinikoli, 1996).


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