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    Kerasia Aravanopoulou

    Jun 19 2021 - Jun 19 2021

    Kerasia Aravanopoulou


    Little Venice of Mykonos island. Oil 60X45 cm

    Curator’s word

    Her works reflect the physical simplicity of the subject as much as the simplicity of the artist herself. There is no room for  “misunderstandings” in her landscapes, full of clarity, color, and light. Balanced, detailed, and at the same time light and playful visions of a place that has and continues to leave its mark on our lives.                                                                                                

    Media & Awards

    Lafayette Grill Art Gallery, Manhattan, NY, USA 2007 solo                                          
    • Jun 19 2021 - Jun 19 2021

    • Digital

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    Little Venice of Mykonos island.  Don’t use without written approval. ©lookartit. com

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