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Love – Care – Action

Human activity through individual actions, knowledge, and trust bridges, art and soul in an amazing and magical way. A soul that acts with the heart and not with constructed mindsets.
Looka(r)tit had a mission that 2020 interrupted. It is reborn wanting to unite artists of life, culture, tradition, and customs, and to create through Life and Death.
To revive human and consequently social relations, to sensitize the community, the team, the individual, to give laughter and enjoyment, to inspire by respectfully touching on all the dimensions in the environment, to cooperate with institutions, to lie on knowledge in the form of a high-level human behavior, transparency, and ethics.
Looka(r)tit believes that trust and communication incorporate values, education, and culture.
Especially when they come out alive through the unknown trials of the times.Communication shares and sharing unites/connects. The union / connection strengthens. And empowerment cannot be described differently than using the words:
If you would love to contribute to this effort, let us do it together, and thank you for your support!
Best Regards,
lookartit team


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