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    El Art

    35×32 acrylic on wood

    Acrylic paintings on wood and canvas from El Art



    Eleonora Styliani Petala was born in Athens in 1973. Her love for painting started in her childhood when she liked drawing portraits. Later she turned to impressionism and cubism. She is self-taught and has sold several paintings through social media in Greece. Although some of her works of art are modern, they leave a  feeling of the past considering they have the aging element. She mainly uses acrylic and aging pastes but also mixed media on canvas, wood, and paper. Painting is her means of connection with existence, the way to express her emotions through the unlimited beauty of art.


    60 x 80 acrylic on canvas

    40 x 40 acrylic on canvas(SOLD)

    25 x 35 acrylic on wood

    40 x 40 mixed on canvas(SOLD)

    28 x 32 acrylic on wood

    30 x 36 acrylic on wood(SOLD)

    50 x 70 acrylic pastel on canvas(SOLD)

    60 x 80 acrylic and soil(SOLD)

    21 x 30 acrylic on page(SOLD)

    21 x 30 acrylic on paper(SOLD)

    40 x 50 acrylic on wood(SOLD)

    37 x 70 acrylic on wood(SOLD)


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