Auguste Corteau

Dearest reader, my name, as you may have guessed, is Auguste Corteau.

I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1979 and for the past decade, I’ve lived in Athens. You may find a short bio on Wikipedia and on the University of Iowa International Writing Programm website, where you can also read a sample of my latest novel, The Book of Katherine, translated into English. English-speaking readers may also check out The Runes of Norien, the first part of a fantasy trilogy, For This Is My Blood, a horror whodunit, as well as Shadow Slain, a literary thriller. And then of course, for the day-to-day madness, there’s my Facebook page, featuring daily updates on my thrilling misadventures and tons of other riveting stuff about my books and articles in Greek.

Enjoy life, read books and never avoid anything fattening.


1. The Book of Vice (short stories, Exandas, 1999)
[transl. Le livre des vices (Le serpent à plumes, 2001),
Il libro dei vizi (Edizioni Est/Ouest, 2002)]
2. Rabastin (novel, Exandas, 1999)

3. The Square (novel, Exandas, 2000)

4. Haunted (novel, Exandas, 2001)

5. Animal (whodunit, Exandas, 2002)

6. The Streets Sculptor (novella, Odos Panos, 2002 – shortlisted for the Greek National Book
Award–category: short fiction )
7. The Man Faeries (whodunit, Exandas, 2003)

8. La Gioconda’s Son (novella, Exandas, 2003)
[trans. Le fils de la Joconde (Le serpent à plumes, 2007)]
9. The Rabies (novella, Minoas, 2004)

10. Testosterone (original script for the movie by George Panoussoupoulos, 2004)

11. Shameless Suicides (novel, Kastaniotis, 2005)

12. The Demonizer (novel, Kastaniotis, 2007)

13. The Obliteration of Nicos (novel, Kastaniotis, 2008) *

14. SIXTEEN (novel, Kastaniotis, 2010)

* also check www.augustecorteau.blogspot.com


1. Whatever Happened to Dorothy Snot? (Patakis, 2003 – Greek National Book Award
for Children’s Literature – transl. into Spanish by Ediciones Santillana as
“La desaparición de Claudia Braun”)
2. The Rabbits’ Revolution (Kastaniotis, 2004)

3. Mommy Doesn’t Want to Buy Me a Pet (Patakis, 2005)

4. The Haunted Tower of Ursula de Fluff (Patakis, 2005)

5.  Santa Claus and the Little Devil (Kastaniotis, 2006)

6.  Little Santa (Ellinika Grammata, 2006)

7. The Accursed Talisman of Meowfertiti (Patakis, 2007)

8.  Little Rouala (Kastaniotis, 2009)


1.  Les Sandals, by Jorge Semprun (Exandas, 2003)

2.  Les Onze Mille Verges, by Guillaume Apollinaire (Exandas, 2005)

3.  Down the Rabbit’s Hole, by Peter Abrahams (Patakis, 2005)

4.  Les Anges Brûlent, by Thibault de Montaigu (Hestia, 2006)

5.  Close Range, by Annie Proulx (Kastaniotis, 2006)

6.  Villages, by John Updike (Kastaniotis, 2006)

7.  Ludmilla’s Broken English, by D.B.C. Pierre (Ellinika Grammata, 2006)

8.  Christine Falls, by Benjamin Black (Kastaniotis, 2006)

9.  Postcards, by Annie Proulx (Kastaniotis, 2007)

10. Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov (To Vima, 2007)

11. Terrorist, by John Updike (Kastaniotis, 2007)

12. Behind the Curtain, by Peter Abrahams (Patakis, 2007)

13. The Road, by Cormac McCarhty (Kastaniotis, 2007)

14. Night Watch, by Sarah Waters (Kastaniotis, 2007)

15. The Gathering, by Anne Enright (Kastaniotis, 2007)

16. No Country for Old Men, by Cormac McCarthy (Kastaniotis, 2008)

17. Black Girl / White Girl, by Joyce Carol Oates (Kastaniotis, 2008)

18. Oil!, by Upton Sinclair (Kastaniotis, 2008)

19. Bad Dirt, by Annie Proulx (Kastaniotis, 2008)

20. Into the Dark, by Peter Abrahams (Patakis, 2008)

21. The Secret Scripture, by Sebastian Barry (Kastaniotis, 2009)





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