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    Nikki Mousouli

    Niki Mousouli was born in Athens in 1990. She has a degree in Computer Systems Application Support and Networks in the IT sector. She speaks English, French and Italian. She loves traveling and music. Short stories have been included in collective texts. So far she has published four books that are 121-word standalone stories, with the help of 121 worlds. The 8 short stories # 1 (February 2018) Titles: 1. The beginning of evil 2. The attic 3. The rebirth 4. The ballerina 5. Silent meeting 6. The vampire reflection 7. The blade of death (part a ‘) 8. The blade of death (part b ‘) 8 short stories # 2 (July 2018) Titles: 1. The reflection 2. The desert 3. The reward of Santa Claus 4. The letter 5. The cloud traveler 6. The clover (part a) 7. The clover (part b ‘) 8. Aristotle 8 short stories # 3 (February 2019) Titles: 1. The sea lights 2. The sanctuary 3. The marathon 4. The diver 5. The return 6. The clock 7. Parallel Lives 8. Cry of agony

    8 short stories # 4 (January 2020)
    1. The surprise I.
    2. The surprise II
    3. The surprise III
    4. The surprise IV
    5. The witch I.
    6. The witch II
    7. The secret of the vernal equinox I.
    8. The secret of the vernal equinox II

    The first three books are available for free and anyone can download them by clicking on the link: % 8c% ce% bb% ce% b1% cf% 85% cf% 83% ce% b7 /

    She is currently writing her next book.

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