Antony Velin


Antony Velin (Composer Antonis Velinopoulos) was born in Athens – Greece and studied at the London Royal College of Music.

He is writing music for films with Opera elements inspired by London, Paris, the Greek islands, and the amazing German villages in the Alps.

If you walk in the nature of London, Paris, and the German amazing nature in the Alps and close your eyes you will hear his healing music.
Antony wants to inspire you all with his healing music in order for you to reset yourself and create a new person of Love, Passion, Beauty, Peace, and Joy.


Other projects:

Crock’ s tales – Original stories for a theatrical play

(Παραμύθια του τσουκαλιού –  Πρωτότυπες ιστορίες για θεατρικό παιχνίδι )


Eleni Peta – Close your eyes

(Ελένη Πέτα – Κλείσε τα μάτια σου)


MADO- I only wished for

(Μαντώ – Θα Θελα Μονάχα)


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