Katerina, by Augustos Kortos directed by George Nanouris at the Alkyonis Theater

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Katerina, the play that has gone through a triumphant course in the last 6 years, will be presented at the Alkyonis Theater.

George Nanouris adapted for the theater and directed “The book of Katerina” by Augustos Kortos, with the shocking Lena Papaligoura in the eponymous role. This is the true story of the author’s bipolar mother. Katerina has just committed suicide and begins to narrate her cursed life. Drugs, pills, husband and son, love and hate, homosexuality ,, self-sarcasm, humor mixed with pain, affection through strangulation, and suicide attempts are the chaotic reality of the heroine who fights bipolar disorder and is captured by anyone who can, with the result to drag an entire family into the whirlpool of her illness.

Katerina based on “The Book of Katerina” Author: Augustos Korto Idea-Adaptation-Direction: George Nanouris Interpreted by Lena Papaligoura


From 28/01/2022 – 27/02/2022

Ticket Price : 15 Euro

Location : Alkyonis Theatre, Ioulianou 42 Athens

For Reservations please call at 210 8828100

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