“Last night”: A jazz look at yesterday’s Greek music at the Orient Express Music Wagon

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The Train-Theater the Train in Rouf welcomes you again this year at the Orient Express Music Wagon with the musical performance “Last night”, from Sunday, October 24, 2021, and every Sunday at 20.00.

“Last night”, a jazz look at the yesterday of Greek music with unforgettable musical ensembles in mainstream jazz arrangements, among others Giannidis, Kapnisi, Spartakou, Mouzaki, Moraki, in the atmospheric space of the Orient Express’s time and patina of jazz.

Music of influential composers of the past, from classical music to cinema and of course songs, with an obvious influence from the jazz of their time.

Athena Routsi sings, Giorgos Georgiadis in Ipaso, Dimitris Kalantzis on piano and orchestrations.

The show, as well as the self-titled album that has been released, is dedicated to the great pianist of Greek jazz Manolis Mikelis.

Orient Express Music Wagon
Premiere Sunday 24 October 2021 and every Sunday at 20.00
Duration: 120΄ (with break)
General Admission 15 €
optional: wine 4 € / drink 7 € / food from 5 €

Advance ticket purchase required:
– Electronically at https://www.viva.gr/tickets/music/chthes-to-vrady/
– By phone at 11876 (viva)
– Natural viva points of sale (after booking electronically or by phone at 11876)

The wagons of the Train-Theater Train at Rouf function as covid free spaces.

Train-Theater the Train in Rouf
Tel. 6937 604988 daily (except Monday) from 18.00
Rouf Railway & Suburban Station, on Constantinople Avenue
10 ‘walk from METRO Kerameikos & from Agia Markella stop (buses 813, 026)
Wi-Fi / Free parking






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