“Learning to fly – The kiss of the spirit”: An original book by Dionysia Therianou

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“Learning to fly – The kiss of the spirit” is the first book by Dionysia Therianou, based on real events and is addressed to readers of all ages.

An original book based on the true story of a girl who experienced pain, disrepute, rejection and through all this, managed to keep her soul pure. It is a world of positive thinking, understanding, forgiveness, love for oneself and people, truth, that the girl experiences through the dialogue and the unique tales of a grandfather-philosopher-therapist.

The grandfather, through what happens every day in his granddaughter’s life, teaches her life lessons and teaches her how to make her own strong wings to fly.


“Learning to fly – The kiss of the spirit” is a book of strength, life, beauty, love, which gives answers to deep questions of man.


For orders: info@therianos.gr and 6979113366.

Dionysia Therianou was born in 1965 in Zakynthos. She studied accounting and after graduation traveled as a volunteer, development manager, to Cameroon, Africa.

After this powerful life experience, she returned to the island and worked as an accountant and accounting teacher. The parallel search for knowledge of self and the world led her to distant paths.

She traveled to philosophical centers of the world, talked to many people and to make communication with them possible she learned on her own, from books, speaks English, French, Italian, and learns Spanish.

Today she is engaged in writing, painting and pottery and works in the agritourism, organic farming, property of her family.



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