Nikoleta Lekka – Sacred Numbers

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Literary book for adults

Pages: 24, hardcover

Price: 10 €, ISBN: 978-618-84098-0-4

GELLAS Publications

Let’s take it all from the beginning! As it suits our summers! In “Sacred Numbers”, the story for adults of Nicoletta Lekka, the before, the now, and the after are put in their proper place. Even if the “now” is familiarly dull and tired.

“Sit down, because the look was very heavy. He comes out crouched. Lowered. To look down. The one below us. Sit down, because your breath is very tired. Sounds faint. As if it ends. As if he has no reason to leave. As if he has no reason to articulate. Let’s change that. Let’s stop it first. Then change it. And then remember it as, as, and when it should. It is not for you to throw such weights. It is for you to lean on when you are about to fall. Like rocks on land … ”

A “sweetly wise” friend invites you to keep the gates open and caresses your mind with a range of colors as unique as your most important moments … “But … in this great numbering of shades, the number” 1 ” it was … black! … With or without rock. It tells you where to start. This is your starting point. The black.” How do you get to the noon, the sun-king, the sea … and what you dreamed of when you start in the black? With respect to what brought you here, the “Sacred Numbers” remind you how the new principles are really being made. The ones you see moving away in the difficulties you encounter. The ones you need so much. The ones you can choose. Because everything is a choice.

Nicoletta made this edition as a call for dear friends. With her own black marker draw the images that adorn the “Sacred Numbers” and add at the end of the story, pages to leave your notes yourself. This is how you will make this story truly your own. Because this is the “Sacred Numbers”. A gift for anyone you love. You or someone else. A window that opens to catch your breath. Know the story as you are now and keep it forever.

Nicoletta Lekka became famous through fairy tales for children who were equally loved by adults. Now you can enjoy her stories for adults who know how to love like children. “Sacred Numbers” is the first story for adults recommended by Na Mou Gellas through www.namougellas.com. The book “Sacred Numbers” is published by GELLAS publications.

For orders: 6985 551022, info@namougellas.com, in the e-shop of GELLAS Publications: namougellas.myshopify.com and in your favorite bookstores.

Nicoletta Lekka is the author of 5 books for children and adults, an international macroeconomist with a Ph.D. in economics, a journalist, and a businessman. With respect to the strong stories, he founded the GELLAS publications and created Na Mou Gellas (www.namougellas.com). An original idea through which the reader gains access to literary stories that he will love and has the opportunity to live special experiences with people he admires. A hangout that you will love and want to return to.

The story for adults of Nikoletta Lekka: “Rainbows, then and now” and the fairy tales for children: “I-Danish Dreams”, “The journey of our life” and “The key to Happiness” is also published by GELLAS publications.




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