Rainbows, then and now “: The literary book by Nicoletta Lekka from GELLAS publications

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Make yourself the best gift this fall. The new beginning you need. “Rainbows, then and now”, the adult book by Nicoletta Lekka, introduces you to an unexpected story that will make you feel like you have been waiting a long time!

A puddle will bring Ki and Oh, two heroes from a truly fantastic era. Together was once the “Nice Pareaki” that set out to conquer the Rainbow! They wanted so much to change and the flame inside them, the passion, the power. But the flame escaped and burned everything that went to bloom … So they did not become “the whole” rainbow.

Together with their sequel, Little Ki, they once again have the opportunity to put an end to their story. But will they manage to become the rainbows they chased? What will become of the white page for their new beginning? The one that will bring them to their deepest dive. Because these heroes are for the deep.

“Rainbows, then and now” is the second story recommended by Nicoletta Lekka through GELLAS publications. The book with the hardcover cover is uniquely accompanied by the images made by Eftychia Vlachou, a six-year-old girl who brings her honest look to such a special story. The result, a wonderful version that you will want to give to anyone you care about, someone else or you!

For orders: at 6985551022, at email: info@namougellas.com, at the e-shop of GELLAS Publications: namougellas.myshopify.com, and at your favorite bookstores.


Nicoletta Lekka is the author of 5 books for children and adults. An international macroeconomist with a Ph.D. in economics, he has worked as a journalist and works as an entrepreneur in various fields. In 2018 he founded GELLAS publications and created Na Mou Gellas (www.namougellas.com), an original idea through which the reader gains access to literary stories that he will love and has the opportunity to live special experiences with people he admires.

GELLAS publications also publish the story for adults by Nikoletta Lekka: “Sacred Numbers” and the fairy tales for children: “I-Danish Dreams”, “The journey of our life” and “The key to Happiness”.


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