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Recently, a life-size bronze sculpture of Jesus, called Homeless Jesus, went viral after someone made a 911 call about a homeless man on a bench. The bronze sculpture by Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz depicts Jesus, identifiable by the wounds on his feet, sleeping on a street bench wrapped in a blanket. With replicas located in prominent urban locations, such as Buenos Aires, Capernaum, New York, Madrid, Melbourne, Rome, and Singapore, Homeless Jesus now dots the globe. There are six replicas in Canada alone.

What a dispiriting remark that was of Oliver Dowden’s about the “crown jewels”. It implied that the arts should be preserved, unchanging, apart from the common herd; it suggested that what matters is costly fabric. Fund buildings rather than people. Build a millennium dome rather than set up millennial scholarships for gifted youth. Give to theatres before protecting the freelancer's directors, actors, designers, choreographers – who make the stuff that gives theatres life.


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