The free couple, from KTHBE at the Small Theater of Lazariston Monastery

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“Free Couple”, the hilarious and at the same time indicative comedy for a couple who is experimenting with the limits of their relationship, premieres by KTHBE at the Small Theater of Lazariston Monastery, directed by Michalis Sionas.

Written by another couple, the Italian Nobel Prize-winning writer, director, and actor Dario Fo and his wife also actor Franca Rame, “Free Couple” “enters” our homes and asks us: “How to open can a relationship be?” “How much does it submit to the norms of a society of specific structures and within the limits of the class political situation?” “Why can’t a man have a wife and a mistress”? “What happens when the terms are finally reversed”?

What other writer, if not Dario Fo, with his free, progressive spirit who for decades served the immediacy in the emergence of problems, characters, and relationships, while fighting against all kinds of powers, could sign with such intelligent humor and skill the same the life?

A life embroidered with explosions, boundaries, emotions and upheavals, adventures of characters in every aspect of a relationship between partners. In 1983 and with his wife in life Franca Rame (1929-2013), with whom he collaborated on stage and often fought censorship and threats for their courage to claim a better world, they wrote “Open Couple” as originally the title.

Unlike any previous work, “Free Couple” is not full of obvious socio-political peaks but passes the author’s worldview through the dipole of the principles of marital fidelity and family dignity, with strong elements of individual needs that strive to balance. Relationship, marriage, love, faith, infidelity, impasses, truths, and lies are all a tangle.

Dario Fo himself in his autobiographical work entitled “My world” noted: “In all my life, I did not write anything just for fun, I always tried to include in my texts those cracks that would be able to shake certainties, to challenge established views, to provoke anger, to open the minds of the people a little. “Everything else, beauty for beauty’s sake, art for art’s sake, does not interest me.”

“- I still want you. I like that you changed, really. I like you more than before. But my child, how can I say it, it ‘s like it’ s not you, I want you as you were before. Can you rediscover yourself? ”

Director’s note

It may be many years since Dario Fo and Franca Rame created “Free Couple”, but their language is so modern. Then, people today and always talk in our relationships, we set boundaries, we undo them, we clash, we find and we lose ourselves. Our axis on which we move in the show is to do what the author says. Without interventions in the philosophy of the project. Free couple. Two words, the combination of which should logically bring pleasure and peace to those who love companionship. However, it is always accompanied by second thoughts.
Michalis Sionas

Rates Directed by: Michalis Sionas Sound design: Christos Gousios Music: The Prefabricated Quartet Assistant director: Stefanos Pittas Second assistant director: Myrsini Karmatzoglou Lyrics-Music of the song: Thodoris Papadimitriou Production organization: Irini Chatzikyriakidou

Distribution: Woman: Lila Vlachopoulou Man: Giannis Sampsalakis Professor: Stefanos Pittas Son’s voice: Sergios Sotiroudis Performance duration: 60 minutes, without a break

From: 27/11/2021

Wednesday, Sunday (19.00), Thursday, Friday, Saturday (21.00)

Small Theater of Lazariston Monastery, Kolokotroni 25-27, Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki

Tickets: General admission: 10 € Discount Ticket: 8 € (Large – Students – Over 65 years) | Unemployed: 5 € | Group Ticket: 7 € (for reservations of more than 10 people) with pre-purchase of tickets | Disabled: Free with ticket issuance from the box office up to 2 hours before the show strictly, with the presentation of a relevant card | Disadvantages: Free 10 seats per show with ticket issuance from the box office up to 2 hours before the show strictly Information / Reservations: ntng.gr


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