“The key to Happiness”: The children’s book by Nicoletta Lekka from GELLAS Publications

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“The key to Happiness”, the children’s book by Nikoletta Lekka from GELLAS publications, will unlock the path to your own happiness, in the most beautiful way. Browse the pages with the wonderful images and feel a sweetness to warm your heart.

Two little brothers grow up loving and sharing everything. But the mom who looks at them with a smile knows that something important was not shared by both of them: The keys of grandfather Aristides. A bronze keychain that always hung from his well-fitted pants. Only one child managed to grab the keychain with longing before it remained forever on the father’s bedside table.

The mom will look for the most important gift to give to her children to fill the “bronze” gap. Her search passes through the “Atelier of Words”, a place unique and majestic, which will bring her in front of dots that become the basis for complacent exclamations and words waiting to make the meanings of life. Mom will leave the Atelier with a valuable puzzle that will remind her that just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a sound can bring you a thousand pictures.

“The key to Happiness” came to become your goodnight book. A story was written to tell your own story. What deserves not only a happy ending but a happy “forever”. For orders: 6985 551022, info@namougellas.com, in the e-shop of GELLAS Publications: namougellas.myshopify.com and your favorite bookstores.


Nicoletta Lekka, born in 1975 in Athens, is married and the mother of two girls. He holds a PhD in International Economics from the University of London. He worked for 15 years in investment organizations in London and Athens and for 6 years as the editor of METRO magazine. In 2018 he founded GELLAS publications and created Na Mou Gellas (www.namougellas.com), an original idea that gives access to powerful literary stories and special meetings and experiences. He has published three books for children (“The Key to Happiness”, “I-Danish Dreams”, “The Journey of Our Lives”) and two stories for adults (“Sacred Numbers”, “Rainbows, Then and Now”).

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