Vicky Sgourelli’s children’s book “I am not a princess!” Was published by Books with Shoes Publications.

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“… Eleni one day decides that she does not want her parents to call her a princess! So begins … the revolution in pink! ”

Books with Shoes presents a meter children’s fairy tale for independent and dynamic girls, suitable for preschool and elementary school children, with intense imagination, adventure and activities that young and old will love.

This story helps the proper and healthy development of children through family and school, encouraging the need to “be yourself” and through the dynamism of the heroine, who is seeking independence does not want to be treated like a princess.

It comes to respond to the standards of the time and the expectations that are set by reviewing the way we treat our children.

It is addressed to everyone, parents, and teachers but especially to children who feel different from the social and family expectations/labels that we give them.

The illustration is by Paraskevi Markatou.

The book is available at www.bookswithshoes.gr and in selected bookstores. With every purchase, a gift of a very beautiful ecological bag.


Vicky Sgourelli was born in Chios. He studied English Literature at a British University with a postgraduate degree in Special Education and Training at the Mediterranean College and the University of Derby.
He is a permanent resident of Chios, which he loves. In 2005 he founded what is now known as L.O.V.E. English Language School, based on its own pedagogical approach that embraces all children, who learn to create, collaborate, and above all love to learn, whatever the subject matter.

In 2019 he founded the publishing house “Books with Shoes” in Chios. Her first book “Memory: The Key to Memory and Its Eternal Secret I Do Not Remember”, is an educational treasure. Following are “The Night the Shoes Come to Life”, “Am I a Toxic Worm?”, “The Dandelion’s Wish”, “The English Kingdoms and Bee” and the poetry collection “The Monster in Me”. Its goal is to spread the core of its teaching through narration.
“If you want a child to hear you, tell them the truth through a fantastic story.”


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