“With ships and trains… love”: Multilingual music route at the Orient Express Music Wagon

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After the “Paris-Istanbul”, the emblematic performance of the Train-Theater the Train in Rouf that has accompanied us in recent years, the “knit” and multi-talented group of musicians welcomes its new member this year and all together invite us to fall in love and travel musically around the world with the new musical show “By ships and trains … love”!

Every Friday at 9.30 pm at the Orient Express Music Wagon we enjoy a multilingual music tour to distant places, to dream locations. The mythical Orient Express wagon rolls on rails, “sails” in seas and oceans, and gives rhythm to our dreams with songs from Europe, America, West, and East, modern and old, with adaptations, improvisations, sound landscapes, texts, and colors.

On stage, Athena Routsi in song and narration, Alkistis Raftopoulou in piano, orchestrations and arrangements, Fotis Mylonas in winds and strings, and Loukas Metaxas in percussion, invite us on a two-hour journey of remembrance, for tomorrow’s travels.

“Let us travel, my love … Let us take a dip back in time, in the now, but also in tomorrow … Together! Mark the places on the map and board the ship. Let the wind take us to magical places, where people’s voices become one with the songs, people’s bodies become one with the rhythm, children’s hearts imagine dragons and tall castles!

Get on the most beautiful trains and look out the window at the running forests, the galloping rivers, the mountain peaks that touch the clouds. To confuse the colors, the blue of the sea and the sky with the golden red of the east, the blue of the sunset, and the green of the meadow. Smell the soil after the rain and caress a butterfly that flies free. The journey is ours, it never ends, it just begins … “

REPRESENTATIONS Orient Express Music Wagon Every Friday at 9.30 pm (from November 26, 2021) General Admission: 18 € optional: wine 4 € / drink 7 € / food from 5 €

Advance ticket purchase required: – Electronically at https://www.viva.gr/tickets/music/me-ploia-ke-trena-o-erotas/ – By phone at 11876 (viva) – Natural viva points of sale (after booking electronically or by phone at 11876)

INFORMATION Train-Theater the Train in Rouf Tel. 6937604988 daily (except Monday) from 18.00 Rouf Railway & Suburban Station, on Constantinople Avenue 10 ‘walk from METRO Kerameikos & from Agia Markella stop (buses 813, 026) Free parking






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