May 2022

  Country: Italy Birth: 1944   Massimo Vitali was born in Como, Italy, in 1944. He moved to London after high-school, where he studied Photography at the London College of Printing. In the early Sixties he started working as a photojournalist, collaborating with many magazines and

  Ein Gemälde, das vorläufig der holländischen Malerin des Goldenen Zeitalters, Judith Leyster (1609–60), zugeschrieben wird, deren gesamtes Werk bis 1893 falsch zugeschrieben wurde, hat mehr als das 125-fache seiner ursprünglichen Höchstschätzung erreicht, was zu Spekulationen führt, dass es tatsächlich von

  Θ.Π. Ζαφειρίου λύπη Σελίδες: 122, Τιμή: 9,00 ευρώ ISBN: 978-960-565-360-6 Εξώφυλλο: Θάλεια Στουραΐτη Εκδόσεις Andy's Publishers   Λέγεται συχνά, κυρίως στην ηλικία εκείνη, που είθισται, με τα μέτρα ασφαλώς του καθενός μας, ν' αποκαλείται και παράταση, κατά το γνωστό απόφθεγμα του Μανόλη Αναγνωστάκη στο «ΥΓ.» του (1983), ότι η ζωή

Country: France Birth: 1859 | Death: † 1936 Robert Demachy (1859–1936) was a prominent French Pictorial photographer of the late 19th and early 20th century. He is best known for his intensely manipulated prints that display a distinct painterly quality. Léon-Robert Demachy was born in the home of

  Country: Italy Birth: 1985 I am an Italian born and London based commercial and still life photographer. I like to focus my creativity and interest in any aspect of life, as well as ordinary everyday objects sometimes forgotten and unnoticed. My passion is

  Country: Canada/Turkey I am of Turkish ancestry, but born in Svishtov, Bulgaria, a small town on the Danube river. During the 1980s, my parents and I lived in Triploi, Libya, where I attended an international school for the children of expats. There,


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